We are excited to invite you to a special call with Senator Elizabeth Warren to discuss how all of us can help Senator Warren and advocates across the country defend the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and protect critical reforms from attack by Wall Street and special interests in the new Congress and new administration.

This call will take place Tuesday, January 10th 8:30 pm EST (7:30 Central, 5:30 Pacific). Fill out the form to register for the call.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is an American success story. It has returned nearly $12 Billion to 27 million Americans harmed by financial schemes hatched by Wall Street banks, for-profit schools, mortgage companies, payday lenders and debt collectors.

Now, less than a decade after the massive financial collapse of 2008, big banks and Wall Street billionaires are scheming to gut financial reform, weaken the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and let Wall Street re-write the rules of the economy for their own benefit.

Find out what progressive champions in Congress along with advocates and activists are doing to stand up to the special interests and how you can help.

Join us. Fill out the form to register for this important conversation.