Governor Cuomo: Return Campaign Donations from Hedge Funds Profiting off Puerto Rico Debt Crisis

September 3, 2015 Dear Governor Cuomo, Finally, you’ve broken your silence on the Puerto Rico debt crisis! After we urged you last month to speak out on the debt crisis in Puerto Rico, you announced this week you will lead an investigatory delegation to examine the economic and financial crisis there But we remain outraged at the fact that many of your hedge fund donors continue to exploit the suffering of Puerto Ricans....

Hedge Clippers to Cuomo: Stand with Puerto Rico — Not With Hedge Fund Billionaires

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July 30, 2015 Dear Governor Cuomo – It is with a growing sense of outrage that we write to you today about the horrifying debt crisis in Puerto Rico. This is a crisis that several of your top New York hedge fund donors are actively exploiting and deepening, in a shameless, morally repugnant effort to make as much money as possible.... pdf button