Hedge Papers No. 49: DAN LOEB’S TAINTED CASH

Top Page-1TRACKING THE HEDGE FUND BILLIONAIRE’S MONEY IN NEW YORK POLITICS Recent events in Charlottesville are a sobering reminder that violent white supremacist groups are not the stuff of history, but a horrifying present-day reality for a country that continues to be torn apart by racism and the legacy of slavery. Though these groups do not claim the membership rolls that the KKK did in its heyday, they have risen to new prominence over the past year, supported by infrastructure like Breitbart News and effectively urged on by a billionaire who owes his presidency to the race lie....


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  How Maryland Can Raise Millions by Taxing Carried Interest Across the country, states stand to gain billions of dollars in revenue by closing the carried interest loophole.  It’s a long overdue element of financial reform that the federal government has failed to enact, despite bipartisan support for tax fairness. In last year’s Presidential campaign, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Jeb Bush all called for closing a tax break known as the “carried interest loophole,” a legal fiction used by private equity firms and other members off the wealthy elite to lower their federal tax rates below those paid by many working Americans.[1] These financiers charge a fee for investing other peoples’ money – and call it “carried interest” to get a lower tax rate than kindergarten teachers and truck drivers.[2] Presidential candidates in both parties, experts, advocates and everyday Americans all agree that Wall Street millionaires and billionaires should not get preferential treatment on their taxes.[3] It’s unfair and wrong.... pdf button

#HedgePapers No. 36 – Hedge Funds Attack Ohio: How Wall Street Greed Has Destroyed Jobs and Harmed the Economy in the Buckeye State

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Introduction and Overview The issues of job loss, outsourcing, trade and the economy are front and center in this year’s elections, especially in Ohio. Yet there hasn’t been nearly enough attention on the role of Wall Street investors and hedge fund managers in the destruction of American jobs here. These influential figures from New York’s wealthy elite are also among the biggest contributors of campaign cash to politicians who have harmed Ohio’s working families and undermined the economic interests of our communities.... pdf button

Open Letter to the Sohn Conference Foundation

ON HEDGE FUNDS, PHILANTHROPIC HYPOCRICY & CANCEROUS CASH   April 30, 2016 The Sohn Conference Foundation c/o COO Tiffany Stevens & Paula Bernstein, Development Manager 750 Third Ave, 22nd floor New York, NY 10017 SENT VIA EMAIL Board of Directors: Douglas Hirsch, Daniel Nir, Evan Sohn, Graham Duncan RE: Concerns regarding the Sohn Conference Foundation mission and scheduled speakers at the 2016 Sohn New York Investment Conference To the Board: In 2015 we wrote a letter raising serious concerns regarding the mission of the Sohn Conference Foundation and the scheduled speakers at the Sohn Investment Conference who do business in direct conflict of your mission....

Governor Cuomo: Return Campaign Donations from Hedge Funds Profiting off Puerto Rico Debt Crisis

September 3, 2015 Dear Governor Cuomo, Finally, you’ve broken your silence on the Puerto Rico debt crisis! After we urged you last month to speak out on the debt crisis in Puerto Rico, you announced this week you will lead an investigatory delegation to examine the economic and financial crisis there But we remain outraged at the fact that many of your hedge fund donors continue to exploit the suffering of Puerto Ricans....

Hedge Clippers to Eva Moskowitz: John Paulson’s Cash Is Tainted

August 5, 2015 Eva Moskowitz Success Academy Charter Schools Chief Executive Officer Dear Eva Moskowitz: Hedge fund manager John Paulson recently gave $8.5 million to Success Academy, your charter school network here in New York City. This is tainted money connected to policies and actions that are harming the lives of Puerto Rican families and school children....

#HedgePapers No. 18 – Diminishing Returns: How Chris Christie Is Wasting Billions on Bad Hedge Fund Investments

Diminishing Returns: How Chris Christie Is Wasting Billions on Bad Hedge Fund Investments Introduction: The Failed Experiment of Investing Public Pensions in Hedge Funds In 2007, the state of New Jersey began an experiment in which it invested billions of public pension dollars in hedge funds. However, since Governor Christie took office in 2010, the state’s public investment in hedge funds has doubled, resulting in his hedge fund friends and donors collecting an estimated $1 billion in fees from New Jersey public pension funds....

Hedge Clippers Presents “The LLC Files”

HEDGE CLIPPERS PRESENTS “THE LLC FILES” HedgeClippers.org now includes a searchable online database of contributions from LLCs to state, local and county candidates and committees in New York since 1999, with collaborative tools to encourage crowd-sourced investigation and analysis of the shady world of New York’s LLCs at http://hedgeclippers.org/llcfiles/.  New York law allows corporations to evade statutory limits on campaign contributions by treating individual LLCs as separate corporations, whether or not they are linked to a single individual, corporation or firm....