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In Solidarity with the UPR Student Movement

We stand in solidarity with the student movement in Puerto Rico in rejecting the massive cuts of $450 million over ...
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Dan Loeb

A rising member of the Forbes list of “The World’s Billionaires,” Loeb’s net worth is now estimated at $2.5 billion ...
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Vultures in Puerto Rico

THEY WANT HUGE PROFITS – AND THEY WILL PUSH AUSTERITY TO SECURE THEM Hedge funds and billionaire hedge fund managers ...
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Pain & Profit: The Act 22 “Charities” that Take from Puerto Ricans and Give Little in Return

A Spanish version of the paper is available for download. April 2024 Executive Summary In an effort to attract wealthy ...
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Insurance rates soar, corporations profit, campaign cash floods in May 2023 Contributors American Federation of Teachers The American Federation of ...
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HedgePaper #77: Pharma’s Failed Promise: Exposing the Industry’s Environmental Degradation in Puerto Rico

October 2022 Read a translation of this report in Spanish. The Hedge Clippers are working to expose the mechanisms hedge ...
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