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Who’s Hurting New York Kids?

More than $13 million has been spent since 2014 by two charter/privatization groups trying to eliminate New York’s cap on ...
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Dan Loeb

A rising member of the Forbes list of “The World’s Billionaires,” Loeb’s net worth is now estimated at $2.5 billion ...
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Vultures in Puerto Rico

THEY WANT HUGE PROFITS – AND THEY WILL PUSH AUSTERITY TO SECURE THEM Hedge funds and billionaire hedge fund managers have ...
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#HedgePapers No. 30 – The Dangerous Deeds of Carl Icahn

Released in partnership with With national attention focused on populist anger over Wall Street’s role in rigging the economy, Americans are ...
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#HedgePapers No. 29 – Hidden Donations Brought to Light: How the Wealthy Elite Tried to Defeat Proposition 30

In 2012, California voters widely supported Governor Brown’s Proposition 30, a ballot measure designed to raise revenue for public schools ...
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#HedgePapers No. 28 – Hedge Funds and Fossil Fuels

Fossil fuel companies are at the root of the climate crisis. Indeed, according to a recent study in the journal ...
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