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More and more New Yorkers are outraged over corruption and influence-pedaling in Albany, disgusted with a state government that seems to prioritize special deals for the wealthy and well-connected over the needs of regular people.

Dozens of Albany lawmakers and top officials have been arrested and prosecuted for criminal violations in recent years, but state government corruption has continued – including the “legal” corruption that’s caused by massive campaign contributions from individuals and corporations seeking special benefits from state government, or seeking to keep special benefits they’ve already got.

Over the past two election cycles, a small group of billionaires – most of them associated with hedge funds and private equity firms – have given millions of dollars in campaign cash to candidates, PACs and Super PACs seeking influence over lawmakers in Albany.

The amount of money is astounding.

We found that 17 billionaires and multi-millionaires gave $13,415,037 to four state-level committees favoring Republicans over Democrats in this year’s elections for the New York State Senate and Assembly.

These same donors gave a total of $24,503,161 in campaign contributions to New York State candidates and committees since 1999.

They’re not giving all this money for nothing. They want something in return: massive new tax breaks and protection of lucrative tax breaks they already enjoy.

Protecting the “carried interest” loophole in New York

These hedge fund billionaires and their colleagues at hedge funds and private equity firms get billions of dollars in special tax breaks under the “carried interest loophole” – and they want to keep the loophole wide open.

Closing the loophole would save New York State government an estimated $3.7 billion per year. Share on X

Closing the loophole would save New York State government an estimated $3.7 billion per year[1] — money that could go to fund local schools and hospitals, rebuild transit and transportation systems or pay for property tax relief for the hardest-pressed working families.

Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump all agree on closing the loophole.


And state-level legislation here in New York to close the loophole has won broad support from legislators,[2] newspaper editorial boards[3] and even some of the millionaires who helped create the loophole in the first place[4].

But hedge fund billionaires are working at the federal and state level to keep it open by buying influence with lawmakers through PACs and Super PACs like “New Yorkers for A Balanced Albany” and “ New Yorkers for Independent Action.”

And nine of these billionaires are leaders of the Managed Funds Association, the hedge fund trade group that lobbies to protect the carried interest loophole.[5]

Creating new million-dollar tax breaks for the wealthy

Many of these billionaires are also backing huge new state tax breaks for donations to private schools.[6]

Controversial legislation supported by State Senate Republicans and opposed by most Democrats would provide million-dollar refundable tax credits for wealthy donors to elite private schools and privatized school networks – tax credits most New Yorkers can’t get, and a bigger benefit than any other category of charitable deduction.[7]


The billionaire-driven effort to win new tax breaks hasn’t succeeded, but these Wall Street kingpins are pushing more and more cash into campaigns to get what they want.

Campaign cash from hedge fund billionaires shouldn’t be able to buy our elections – the votes of regular New Yorkers should determine who represents us.

Voters who care about democracy, economic fairness and ending corruption should know about the billionaires trying to buy this year’s state elections, particularly as these four PACs and Super PACs pile into hard-fought elections on Long Island, in the Hudson Valley, and across Upstate New York.

Special tax breaks for billionaires hurt efforts to fund the schools, hospitals, transportation and clean-water infrastructure that communities in New York need to grow and thrive.

And unfair tax breaks for hedge funds and private equity firms actually hurt the economy and cost Americans jobs.

Hedge Clippers has detailed how hedge fund and private equity takeover plays destroyed thousands of jobs on Long Island, across the Hudson Valley and in Upstate New York.[8]

And now we’re showing that the very billionaires piling their money into this year’s state elections have

  • Destroyed thousands of American manufacturing jobs
  • Dodged their fair share of federal, state and local taxes
  • Funded climate science denial while investing in dirty fossil fuels
  • Pushed for cuts to antipoverty and safety net programs that serve millions of New Yorkers, including seniors and people with disabilities
  • Exploded inequality and contributed to corruption in Albany

unspecifiedMore on efforts to close the carried interest loophole here: https://hedgeclippers.org/1464797090949/hedgepapers-no-27-wall-streets-lucrative-loophole/


More on the proposed private school tax credit here: https://hedgeclippers.org/1464797090949/hedgepapers-no-15-cuomos-cronies-how-private-school-billionaires-are-banking-on-tax-credits-from-the-governor/

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This paper will focus on campaign contributions and political manipulation by seventeen billionaires and multi-millionaire hedge fund and private equity managers from New York City, Dallas, Boston, Connecticut and Long Island now active in New York State elections:

Lee Ainslie, Louis Bacon, Glenn Dubin, Sean Fieler, Joel Greenblatt, Roger Hertog, Carl Icahn, Paul Tudor Jones, Seth Klarman, Daniel Loeb, Thomas Mcinerney, Robert Niehaus, Larry Robbins, Julian Robertson, Paul Singer; and on Wal-Mart heir and heiress Jim & Alice Walton.


These seventeen Wall Street investment managers and billionaires have given a total of $13,415,037 to four PACs and Super PACs known to be registered and active in this year’s state legislative elections through direct expenditures or transfers:

  • “New Yorkers for A Balanced Albany”
  • “New Yorkers for Independent Action”
  • “New Yorkers for Putting Students First” and
  • “New Yorkers for Putting Students First Independent Committee.”

Complete information on donations and expenditures available here: Top NYS Donors

The biggest of the big donors: $24,503,161 since 1999

These 17 hedge fund managers and billionaires have given a total of $24,503,161 to NYS candidates & committees since 1999. Share on X

These seventeen hedge fund managers and billionaires have given a total of $24,503,161 to New York state candidates and committees since 1999.

That’s a total of $24,503,161 in New York state donations from a small group of billionaires and Wall Street fund managers.

Complete information on donations and expenditures available here: Top NYS Donors

Leaders of the fight to protect the carried interest loophole

The carried interest loophole provides billions of dollars in tax benefits to hedge fund and private equity managers. Nine of these big donors – Lee Ainslie, Louis Bacon, Glenn Dubin, Paul Tudor Jones, Seth Klarman, Daniel Loeb, Larry Robbins, Julian Robertson and Paul Singer – have seats on the Founders Council or are Sustaining Members of the Managed Funds Association, which lobbies to protect the loophole against efforts to close it.


Complete information on donations and expenditures available here: Top NYS Donors



Complete information on donations and expenditures available here: Top NYS Donors


Complete information on donations and expenditures available hereTop NYS Donors.

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$2,500,000 to four committees in last two cycles

$4,923,950 in New York State campaign contributions

  • Net worth: $2.1 billion.[9]
  • Founder, Elliot Management
  • Managed Funds Association leader
  • A “passionate defender of the 1%” who made $2 billion from Argentina’s economic collapse[10]
  • Manipulations of industrial firms like Delphi Automotive led to the loss of thousands of jobs across the country, including in Upstate New York, as well as the loss of pensions and health benefits for thousands more workers and their families.[11]
  • Billion-dollar investor in dirty fossil fuels[12] and key funder of climate science deniers[13] and last-gasp fossil fuel advocates[14]
  • Two Manhattan apartments, one on Park Avenue and one on Central Park West, a ski chalet in Aspen, Colorado and an office complex on “Billionaire’s Row” in Manhattan[15]
  • Chairman of the Board of the Koch-funded Manhattan Institute, which advocates for a harsh pro-austerity, pro-fossil fuel, and anti-worker agenda.[16]

More here: https://hedgeclippers.org/1464797090949/hedgepapers/person/paul-singer/

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$3,290,000 to four committees in last two cycles

$4,558,341 in New York State campaign contributions

  • Net worth: $2.6 billion[17]
  • Founder, Third Point Capital
  • Managed Funds Association leader
  • Destroyed hundreds of manufacturing jobs in Upstate New York and thousands more nationwide in Delphi deals[18]
  • Vulture investor in Puerto Rico debt, resulting in tragic cuts to schools, hospitals and wages on the island[19]
  • Mansions in New York City and East Hampton[20]
  • $65 million private jet and $60 million yacht benefit from Albany’s tax holiday for billionaire toys[21]
  • Backs massive cuts to antipoverty programs and social safety net as leader of Manhattan Institute[22]

More here: https://hedgeclippers.org/1464797090949/hedgepapers/person/daniel-loeb/


screen-shot-2016-10-28-at-3-44-22-pm$825,000 to four committees in last two cycles

$2,306,842 in New York State campaign contributions

  • CEO of Bluff Point Capital[23]
  • $4 million Connecticut[24] and a $10 million Florida mansion[25]
  • One of the top “Sugar Daddies for Bush’s America,” backs efforts to privatize Social Security and cut taxes for the super-rich[26]

More here: https://hedgeclippers.org/1464797090949/thomas-mcinerney/

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screen-shot-2016-10-28-at-3-44-27-pm$925,000 to four committees in last two cycles

$2,246,600 in New York State campaign contributions

  • Net worth: $4.6 billion[27]
  • Founder, Tudor Investments
  • Managed Funds Association leader
  • Bought a $71 million mansion days after giving a high-profile speech on economic inequality[28]
  • Major investor in dirty-energy coal, oil, gas & pipeline corporations[29]
  • Funded attacks on immigrant families, supported stand-your-ground politicians[30]
  • Attacked women on Wall Street as “never” as good as men[31]

More here: https://hedgeclippers.org/1464797090949/hedgepapers/person/paul-tudor-jones/ clipper next


screen-shot-2016-10-28-at-3-44-34-pm$550,000 to four committees in last two cycles

$2,144,485 in New York State campaign contributions

  • Founder of Alliance Capital, now Alliance Bernstein
  • Major donor to right-wing think tanks attacking anti-poverty programs[32]
  • Major donor to right-wing think tanks making controversial racial attacks on black and Latino families[33]
  • Palatial apartment on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan[34]

More here: https://hedgeclippers.org/1464797090949/hedgepapers/person/roger-hertog/



$2,450,000 to four committees in last two cycles

$3,010,800 in New York State campaign contributions

  • Net worth: $33.8 billion[35]
  • Fortune based on poverty-level wages at Wal-Mart stores[36] subsidized by taxpayers[37]
  • Billion-dollar personal art museum, million-dollar apartments and ranches across America[38]
  • Killed Arkansas mom in Porsche accident, several arrests for DWI with no jail time[39]

More here: https://hedgeclippers.org/1464797090949/hedgepapers/person/alice-walton/  clipper next



$1,000,000 to four committees in last two cycles

$1,092,950 in New York State campaign contributions

  • Net worth: $3.4 billion[40]
  • Founder, Tiger Management
  • Managed Funds Association leader
  • Driving up the cost of prescription drugs, profiteering from Hepatitis C[41]
  • Dodged New York taxes by jumping in a cab or even a Pedi cab to be whisked away before midnight on workdays[42] reducing taxes by $26,702,341.00.[43]
  • Personal lobbyists working in Washington to pass the Trans-Pacific Partnership that’s harmful to American jobs, and which could block access to generic medications.[44]

More here: https://hedgeclippers.org/1464797090949/julian-robertson-2/clipper next



$225,000 to four committees in last two cycles

$970,628 in New York State campaign contributions

  • President of Equinox Partners
  • Top Wall Street donor to right-wing candidates[45]
  • Major donor to militant anti-choice groups nationwide[46]
  • Major donor to anti-LGBTQ groups nationwide[47]
  • Lives in a two-million-dollar home and attacks affordable housing programs[48]

More here: https://hedgeclippers.org/1464797090949/sean-fieler/clipper next



$250,000 to four committees in last two cycles

$898,840 in New York State campaign contributions since 1999

  • Founder of Gotham Asset Management
  • Profited from the home mortgage foreclosure crisis in 2008[49]
  • Profited from the destruction of jobs at Circor Flow Technologies in Walden, NY in the Hudson Valley[50]
  • Driving up the cost of prescription drugs, profiteering from Hepatitis C[51]

More here: https://hedgeclippers.org/1464797090949/hedgepapers/person/joel-greenblatt/clipper nextCARL ICAHN


$250,000 to four committees in last two cycles

$523,675 in New York State campaign contributions

  • Net worth $15.4 billion[52]
  • Founder of Icahn Capital Management
  • Destroyed 35,000 American jobs and 126,000 pensions in just ten business deals[53]
  • Stuck taxpayers with the bill for hundreds of millions of dollars in pension obligations at companies he raided[54]
  • Key supporter of and campaign donor to Donald Trump[55]

More here: https://hedgeclippers.org/1464797090949/hedgepapers/person/carl-icahn/

clipper nextLOUIS BACON


$475,000 to four committees in last two cycles

$523,350 in New York State campaign contributions

  • Net worth: $1.8 billion[56]
  • Founder of Moore Capital Management
  • Managed Funds Association leader
  • Owns grouse-hunting estate in Scotland[57]
  • Two yachts and a private plane eligible for new million-dollar yacht tax break[58]

More here: https://hedgeclippers.org/1464797090949/hedgepapers/person/louis-bacon/clipper next



$100,000 to four committees in last two cycles

$364,100 in New York State campaign contributions

  • Net worth: $2 billion[59]
  • Co-founder of Highbridge Capital Management
  • Managed Funds Association leader
  • Palatial apartment on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan[60]
  • Driving up prescription drug prices for Hepatitis C[61]
  • Investor in dirty-energy coal, oil, gas & pipeline companies[62]

More here: https://hedgeclippers.org/1464797090949/hedgepapers/person/glenn-dubin/

clipper nextROBERT NIEHAUS

screen-shot-2016-10-28-at-3-45-35-pm$300,000 to four committees in last two cycles

$304,500 in New York State campaign contributions

  • Founder & Chairman, Greenhill Capital Partners
  • Major investor in rip-off for-profit colleges raided by FBI[63]
  • Major dirty-energy investor, including in high-pollution coalbed methane[64]
  • Investor in shady money-transfer corporations targeting immigrant families[65]
  • Palatial apartment on Park Avenue in Manhattan[66]

More here: https://hedgeclippers.org/1464797090949/hedgepapers/person/robert-niehaus/

clipper next



$50,000 to four committees in last two cycles

$258,100 in New York State campaign contributions

  • Net worth: $1.8 billion[67]
  • Founder, Glenview Capital Management
  • Managed Funds Association leader
  • Major investor in for-profit HMOs and hospital chains driving up the cost of healthcare[68] seeking entrée into New York market with backing of Senate GOP[69]
  • Dodged his fair share of taxes on soaring wealth[70]

More here: https://hedgeclippers.org/1464797090949/hedgepapers/person/larry-robbins/

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screen-shot-2016-10-28-at-3-45-56-pm$125,000 to four committees in last two cycles

$221,000 in New York State campaign contributions

  • Net worth: $1.0 billion[71]
  • Head of Maverick Capital
  • Managed Funds Association leader
  • Opposed New York Millionaires’ Tax[72]
  • Supported cuts to homeless shelters and hospitals[73]
  • Supported cuts to Social Security and Medicaid[74]
  • Opposed paid sick leave[75]
  • Opposed $15 wage[76]

More here: https://hedgeclippers.org/1464797090949/hedgepapers/person/lee-ainslie/clipper nextSETH KLARMAN


$100,000 to four committees in last two cycles

$105,000 in New York State campaign contributions

  • Net worth: $1.38 billion[77]
  • Founder, Baupost Group
  • Managed Funds Association leader
  • Major investor in dirty-energy oil and gas corporations[78]
  • Ethically-conflicted high-cost manager of college and university endowment funds[79]

More here: https://hedgeclippers.org/1464797090949/hedgepapers/person/seth-klarman/

clipper nextFootnotes

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