7 Mar 2017
How Our State Can Raise Billions by Taxing Carried Interest  Across the country, states like New York stand to gain billions of dollars in revenue by closing the carried interest loophole.  It’s a long overdue element of financial reform that the federal government has failed to enact, despite bipartisan support for tax fairness.... Read More


23 Jan 2017
With national attention focused on populist anger over Wall Street’s role in rigging the economy, more and more Americans are taking a growing interest in the business practices of billionaire investors and money managers. Wall Street multimillionaires and billionaires have captured unprecedented wealth, even as the rest of the economy sputters and working families see their incomes stagnate or decline.... Read More

UPDATE: Pirates of the Caribbean: How Santander’s Revolving Door with Puerto Rico’s Development Bank Exacerbated a Fiscal Catastrophe for the Puerto Rican People

13 Dec 2016
UPDATE: Carlos García Fails to Report CommoLoCo in Financial Disclosure García’s business makes small loans to desperate Puerto Ricans at extremely high interest rates The following is an update concerning the business interests and apparent conflicts of Carlos García, who is serving as a board member of the Financial Oversight and Management Board for Puerto Rico (aka “Fiscal Control Board,” “Junta”).... Read More


27 Oct 2016
BILLIONAIRES BUYING ALBANY LAWMAKERS TO WIN NEW TAX BREAKS AND PROTECT OLD ONES More and more New Yorkers are outraged over corruption and influence-pedaling in Albany, disgusted with a state government that seems to prioritize special deals for the wealthy and well-connected over the needs of regular people. Dozens of Albany lawmakers and top officials have been arrested and prosecuted for criminal violations in recent years, but state government corruption has continued – including the “legal” corruption that’s caused by massive campaign contributions from individuals and corporations seeking special benefits from state government, or seeking to keep special benefits they’ve already got.... Read More

#Hedgepapers No. 40- High-Priced Hustle: How Hedge Funds Have Made Billions Cheating Ohio’s Public Pensions

24 Oct 2016
Wall Street’s Big Scam: Higher Fees, Lower Returns Introduction: Ohio’s Public Pensions and the Great Recession The Great Recession hit Ohio hard. From leading the nation in foreclosures at the onset of the economic crisis[1] to losing over 400,000 jobs between 2007 and 2009,[2]families and neighborhoods across the state felt the devastating impact of Wall Street’s greed and risk-taking.... Read More


20 Oct 2016
WALL STREET GOES ALL IN TO SAVE TAX BREAKS FOR THE WEALTHY Hedge funds and billionaire hedge fund managers are destroying our economy, corrupting our government, hurting families and communities and exploding inequality. It’s happening all over America, and increasingly all over the world. And now it’s happening in the Hudson Valley.... Read More

#Hedgepapers No. 38- Larry Levy: Chicago’s Taxpayer-Subsidized Real Estate Tycoon

7 Oct 2016
RAHM’S PAL GETS SPECIAL SUBSIDIES AS SCHOOLS SUFFER The Chicago Public School system is struggling with a $1.1 billion budget deficit this year. Parents, teachers and students are suffering from inadequate resources, and are scared about the future. And as Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner continues to slash funding for public education, public school principals have again been asked to cut their spending, this time by $120 million system-wide mid-year[1] – and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is demanding that teachers accept $500 million in pension cuts.[2] But not everyone is suffering.... Read More

#HedgePapers No. 37 – Trump’s Unholy Trinity: How Three of His Biggest Donors Are Cashing in on California’s Housing Crisis

13 Sep 2016
Introduction: Understanding Trump and His Billionaire Supporters in California During the current presidential race, Donald Trump has come under fire for outrageous and offensive positions on a range of issues. His history of bragging about how he would profit from the real-estate market crash that fueled the Great Recession has drawn considerable scrutiny.... Read More

#HedgePapers No. 36 – Hedge Funds Attack Ohio: How Wall Street Greed Has Destroyed Jobs and Harmed the Economy in the Buckeye State

8 Sep 2016
Introduction and Overview The issues of job loss, outsourcing, trade and the economy are front and center in this year’s elections, especially in Ohio. Yet there hasn’t been nearly enough attention on the role of Wall Street investors and hedge fund managers in the destruction of American jobs here. These influential figures from New York’s wealthy elite are also among the biggest contributors of campaign cash to politicians who have harmed Ohio’s working families and undermined the economic interests of our communities.... Read More

#HedgePapers No. 35 – Billionaire John Paulson – The Epi-Pen Profiteer

30 Aug 2016
Right now, price gouging for the EpiPen is putting a lifesaving medication out of reach for thousands of American families, while at the same time helping a manipulative hedge fund billionaire get even richer. Families shouldn’t have to choose between lifesaving drugs and putting food on the table – it’s unfair, and it’s morally wrong.... Read More