HEDGE PAPER NO. 50: Corporate America to Investors: Trump is Bad for Business

28 Sep 2017
Corporate America to SEC:  Trump is Bad for Business Since Donald Trump came down the golden staircase inside Trump Tower to announce his candidacy on June 16th, part of his core economic argument has rested on the fact that he’s “really rich” and he’s going to “make the country rich.” At the debates, he argued in simplistic terms that his economic program would spur economic and job creation.... Read More


7 Mar 2017
How Our State Can Raise Billions by Taxing Carried Interest  Across the country, states like New York stand to gain billions of dollars in revenue by closing the carried interest loophole.  It’s a long overdue element of financial reform that the federal government has failed to enact, despite bipartisan support for tax fairness.... Read More

#HedgePapers No. 30 – The Dangerous Deeds of Carl Icahn

17 Jul 2016
Released in partnership with With national attention focused on populist anger over Wall Street’s role in rigging the economy, Americans are taking a growing interest in the business practices of billionaire investors and money managers. Wall Street multimillionaires and billionaires have seen their wealth reach unprecedented peaks even as the rest of the economy sputters and working families see their incomes stagnate or decline.... Read More
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