7 Sep 2018
Download HedgePaper No. 62Download Dan McKee has made some very powerful and very wealthy friends.  It’s worked out well for him — but not so great for regular families in Rhode Island. As the former Mayor of Cumberland and current Lieutenant Governor, McKee has pushed policies that have undermined Rhode Island’s public schools and thrown into question his commitment to holding accountable those who profited from the opioid crisis.... Read More

Partner Paper No. 4 with with Public School Parents in LA: Out-of-Town : Billionaires & Trump Backers Attempt to Hijack Local School Board Election

5 May 2017
The California Charter School Association (CCSA), directly and through its network of entities, has been the biggest spender in the 2017 election for Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) school board members to represent Districts 4 and 6, having spent over $4 million to-date.  Nearly all of CCSA’s political campaign funding comes from millionaires and billionaires.  ... Read More

TRUMP’S BILLIONAIRE CABINET: How They Harm Working People and Take America’s Wealth for Themselves

14 Feb 2017
Context: As President, Trump Elevates the Wall Street Elite He Criticized as a Candidate Last year, throughout his presidential campaign, Donald Trump harnessed populist anger at the wealthy elite, and presented himself as an outsider who will stand up for working people. At an August 2015 appearance on CBS, Trump said that “hedge funds guys are getting away with murder,” earning “a hell of a lot of money and not paying taxes.”[1]... Read More