6 Aug 2015
HEDGE FUNDS ATTACK BALTIMORE: Billionaire financiers want huge profits from tax liens on Baltimore’s poorest residents Baltimore is one of the only cities in the country to auction off tax liens originating from unpaid residential water bills, and it allows residents to have their debts sold when they accumulate to a mere $250, significantly less than other major cities.[1]... Read More
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#HedgePapers No. 17 – Hedge Fund Vultures In Puerto Rico

10 Jul 2015
HEDGE FUND Vultures IN PUERTO RICO They want huge profits – and they will push austerity to secure them Hedge funds and billionaire hedge fund managers have swooped into Puerto Rico during a fast-moving economic crisis to prey on the vulnerable island. Several groups of hedge funds and billionaire hedge fund managers have bought up large chunks of Puerto Rican debt at discounts, pushed the island to borrow more, and are driving towards devastating austerity measures.... Read More
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