#HedgePapers No. 34 – Rigging the System: How Hedge Fund and Private Equity Billionaires Are Manipulating New York Elections With Help from the Karl Rove-Koch Brothers Empire

23 Aug 2016
“New Yorkers for Independent Action” is a new three-million-dollar Super PAC trying to buy elections in middle-class, working-class and low-income communities from the Bronx to Long Island.[1] We’ve prepared this paper so that the public can understand how “New Yorkers for Independent Action” is spending their big bucks: On TV ads Utilizing The Karl Rove-Koch Brothers Media-Buying Arm On Scandal-Linked Field Consultants in Brooklyn On Republican Election Lawyers in Albany On Scandal-Linked Mail Consultants In Westchester On Who Knows What with an Anonymous LLC in the Bronx On Limousines, Hotels, Flights to Miami And High-End Meals It’s the latest political effort from the Invest in Education Foundation, the same folks who lobbied for lavish refundable tax credits for billionaire and millionaire donors to elite private schools and privatized charter schools in 2015.[2]... Read More